Do you have a minimum order? 

Picture of a hand holding a glass pint bottle of Mossgiel Organic Whole Milk with other bottles in crates in the background.

Do you have a minimum order? Yes, we do. For 1 delivery / week, the minimum weekly order is £30. For more 2 or 3 deliveries / week, the minimum weekly order is £40.

Do you deliver anything else? 

Picture of Milk, Eggs, Bread and Coffee sitting on a doorstep.

Do you deliver anything else? Yes, we do. We deliver: Free-range eggs, Farmhouse cheeses, … For a full up-to-date price list, please enter your details here…

Does Mossgiel Milk make better coffee? 

Picture of Latte Art being poured.

Does Mossgiel Milk make better coffee? Yes. Yes, it does. Our Milk is Organic. It’s tastier than normal Milk; some say a little sweeter. Because we batch-pasteurise it, more of this lovely flavour is retained. The Cream in Mossgiel Milk is in its natural state (non-homogenised). It takes on flavour better than supermarket Milk. Being … Read more

Do you deliver Cream? 

Picture of Cream being poured of blueberries and dark chocolate.

Do you deliver Cream? Yes, we do. 🙂 We can deliver Organic Double Cream to you in 1-pint Reusable Bottles or 5L Reusable Tubs. If you would like an up-to-date price list, please complete the form below…

How does ordering work? 

Picture of Konrad loading crates of Milk bottles onto a van.

How does ordering work? All ordering is done via this website here. This is much quicker for you than having to phone an order in. Doing it this way means that you can make and amend your order straight from your phone – easy! The cut-off for orders is 1200 hrs (mid-day) the day before. … Read more


Can I speak to someone about setting up an account? You can give Dave a call on 07496 512276. He’ll be able to answer any questions that you may have. If Dave is unavailable, the Farm Office telephone number is 01290 550 307.

How do I set up an account? 

Mossgiel Calf-With-Cow, Whole and Semi-Skimmed Milk - Tastier than normal!

How do I set up an account? Click here and fill out your details. After roughly 24 hrs, once the Office have checked things over, you’ll be good to go. The office telephone number is 01292 550 307, if you have any questions about this. Once your account is active you can login here. The … Read more