Shop Local – Local is Best

The Shop Local movement has been gathering pace for a number of years now in response to what has been described as the less than ethical dealings of super-markets. If you’ve been following us for a while, you may know that a large part of the story of how Mossgiel Organic Farm started down its current path concerns the behaviour of super-markets. Super-markets exercise huge buying power. This is not a power that they always yield responsibly. It could be argued quite convincingly that given half a chance they morph in to nothing less than bullies.

Mossgiel Organic Farm does not and will not supply super-markets

Local stores are not owned by faceless shareholders who care for nothing but profit. They are owned and run by folk who stay locally and they have local employees. Money spent in local stores stays in the local area. Local stores are more accountable; if you don’t like something that a supermarket is doing, can you speak to the owner?