You can use the nifty map below to help you find the places that stock our tasty organic non-homogenised Milk for you to buy, or that use our Milk in their own creations.

Crafty Coffees

Mossgiel Milk makes excellent coffee, for instance. This is due to a few important differences between our Milk and what is sold as “milk” at your nearest supermarket:

  1. Flavour dissolves in Cream. Ask any Barista.
  2. Mossgiel Milk has more Cream than other “whole milk”s because we do not “standardise”, or, to put it another way, we do not skim the Cream off the top down to a proscribed percentage. We give you all of it.
  3. The Cream in Mossgiel Organic Milk is not broken up by the process of homogenisation. It is left in its natural state.
  4. Mossgiel Milk is Organic, which has a naturally sweeter taste.

The Coffee Shops that use our Milk and Cream have all spent a lot of time and energy sourcing their Coffee Beans. As they will tell you, there is little sense in pairing and excellent Coffee Bean with a substandard Milk. That is why you are guaranteed to find a tasty cup at the establishments mapped above: the best Beans with the best Milk. Go on, treat yourself! 😉

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