We Make The Best Milk In Scotland!


We keep banging on about cream-top, or ‘non-homogensied’ – BUT what is it?

Homogenisation is a process to break up the cream particles, so it doesn’t separate on a supermarket shelf and you know how long it’s been sat there. We say BULL to that!

Our ‘low and slow’ brewing process keeps the natural goodness as it is with the cream rising to the top – to ensure Mossgiel Milk is as natural as possible.

Text in picture: "Why choose non-homogenised? Homogenisation destroys the structure of cream. Natural cream takes on flavour better. Natural cream tastes better. Natural cream is easier to digest."

Brewed Not Boiled!

Text in picture: "Why choose batch-pasteurised? Old-fashioned is best. It keeps more of the taste.""


Text in picture: "Non-standardised means that: You're more in touch with nature - Milk is seasonal! Creamier than standard. Tastier than standard."

Standardisation of whole milk is taking all of the cream out of milk, to then add just enough back to legally call it ‘whole’ again!  This leaves enough cream for BIG DAIRY profits; so you don’t actually get a ‘whole’ milk.

Mossgiel doesn’t do that – our whole is properly wholesome, just don’t tell the cat they’re still out looking for the cream

Text in picture: "Why choose non-standardised? You deserve all the natural goodness. Be the cat that got ALL the cream. The less processing the BETTER."

Organic - The Way Nature Intended

Text in picture: "Organic means: Any fresher and it would still be grass. Working with nature. Kind to the environment. No chemical fertilisers. Healthier. No pesticides. No GM."
Scottish Organic Producers Association Logo
Text in picture: "Why choose Organic? Helps preserve and strengthen ecosystems. Preserves biodiversity. Reduces pollution. Protects Soil. Protects waterways. Avoids: chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, hormones & antibiotics."

Zero Single-Use Plastic

Text in picture: "Reusable packaging means: Being responsible. No single-use plastic going to landfill.Did you know? Mossgiel Organic Farm was the first dairy in the UK to be single-use plastic free."

Way back in January 2019 we DITCHED that horrible stuff destroying our beautiful landscape.

Our supporters receive their deliveries in glass bottles and/or reusable tubs.

Rinse & return – it’s that simple!

Text in picture: "Why choose reusable packaging? Every pound spent is a vote cast. If not you, then who? Take personal responsibility. It's not wasteful.
Picture of cows in a field with the Scottish Retail Food & Drink Awards Winner logo and the caption "We make the tastiest Milk in Scotland!"

Sound good? Don’t just take our word for it: