• Scottish Retail Food & Drink Awards 2021 - Winner


    In April 2021 we WON a Dairy award at the Scottish Retail Food and Drink Awards!!! 

    Mentioned beside THE biggest brands in Scottish food, Mossgiel Organic Whole Milk came out on top in our category, just like the super yummy cream found in Mossgiel Milk bottles. 

    Now, we have said this multiple times – this isn’t our thing, we don’t make Mossgiel the way it is to try and win awards; we do it because we truly believe there is a fairer, different way to dairy through organic farming and working with small producers.  

    HOWEVER, our team are on cloud 9 to have won this award and we are truly grateful to you, our supporters for giving us the opportunity to be where we are today. 

    Without your support we wouldn’t be here and with your support we’re going to change the future of Scottish dairy. So this awards isn’t for us – it’s for you! 

    Well done Mossgiel supporters, you’re an incredible herd of peeps 

  • Mossgiel Organic Farm: Finalist - ‘Most Sustainable Rural Business Award’, Finalist - ‘Best Countryside Digital Innovators'

    Mossgiel Organic Farm – Finalists in the Scottish Rural Awards 2020 – Twice!!

    Finalist – ‘Most Sustainable Rural Business Award’

    Finalist – ‘Best Countryside Digital Innovators’

    We were unbelievably grateful and delighted to be in the running for the Scottish Rural Awards 2020 and are even more excited to be in the finals! It is fantastic that Organic Dairy Farming is once again in the spotlight and it is great that all our campaigning is being recognised.

    It has been a busy time since last awards night – never a dull moment! We’ve expanded the team and even built a new Dairy to cope with the increased demand. Onwards and upwards!

    Last year we won the Agriculture Award, so fingers crossed for April. The night is set to be compèred by the one and only Jim Smith, so it should be a good laugh in any case! There is also word that there may be some whisky on the tables: that would have pleased a certain former tenant of Mossgiel…

    O Whisky! soul o’ plays and pranks!
    Accept a bardie’s gratfu’ thanks!
    When wanting thee, what tuneless cranks
    Are my poor verses!
    Thou comes-they rattle in their ranks,
    At ither’s a-s!

    Robert Burns“Scotch Drink”

    You can see the full list of awards and finalists here.

  • Mossgiel Organic Farm Nominated for Scottish Rural Awards 2020

    Mossgiel Organic Farm nominated for Scottish Rural Awards 2020

    We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for the Scottish Rural Awards 2020!! 🙂

    A massive thanks thanks to all at the Farm who continue to make everything possible and, of course, to our wonderful supporters who are helping change the face of Scottish Dairy!

    Good luck to all the other nominees too – some awesome stories out there!

  • Winner of the Slow Food Awards Person of the Year 2019

    A lovely end to the year with Bryce becoming the Winner of the Slow Food Awards Person of the Year 2019.

    The Slow Food movement promotes food that is produced with an emphasis on quality, not profit.

    ‘Slow Food is for everyone who eats food,’ said Fred Berkmiller, Chef Proprietor of L’Escargot Blue which won Best Restaurant.

    ‘I consider slow food to be my grandmother’s thinking,’ he said. ‘People have the right to know where their food is coming from, what it’s been fed with. They want to know what they’re putting inside their body.’


    There was even a lovely write-up in Scottish Field, which you can read here, which said;

    “Bryce Cunningham of Mossgiel Farm, winner of the Agriculture category at the Scottish Rural Awards 2019, won Person of the Year at the Slow Food Awards for his sustainable practices.

    Mossgiel was the first diary in Scotland to eliminate single use plastic.

    ‘We’ve managed to create food products in a slow, natural and organic way to bring our passion for food to the cities of Scotland,’ Cunningham said. ‘I believe in low processed foods and foods that are natural, foods we would have eaten 500 years ago. Supermarkets are chasing profits, not health benefits.’ “

    Slow Food Person of the Year 2019

    It’s great that the slow food movement is gathering strength with each passing year. We certainly notice it, talking to all the wonderful people who own businesses that we supply. It seems that provenance is becoming more and more important to people and we think that this is a very encouraging trend. This move towards slow food – real food – and away from overly industrialised, processed food can only be a good thing, bringing people closer to nature and the seasons. Milk is a seasonal food, for example, and we know that this is something that has been lost from most people’s awareness. When the Cows are in the pasture in the height of summer they produce a richer milk than when they are in the byre in the depths of winter (4.9% cream in the summer, 4.5% cream in the winter). Decades ago, this was viewed as a problem. Today, we think that this is something to be embraced and celebrated.

  • Scottish Land & Estates Making It Happen Awards 2018

    In 2018 we were recognised for becoming an Organic farm against all the odds and working towards our Single-Use Plastic free future by Crowdfunding £10,000 to buy our first batch of bottles.

    We couldn’t believe it when the ‘Mossgiel’ team were announced as the winners!!!

    We have a vision of Dairy that goes beyond what is normally accepted. We know that if we Farm in a regenerative way that we can help the environment by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. We know that if we Farm Organically, then the biodiversity on the Farm will be better, the cows will be healthier and the Milk the they produce will be healthier and tastier. We know that if we package our milk responsibly, then there will be significantly less plastic going to landfill or ending up in our Oceans.

    And you thought it was just a pint of Milk!

  • BBC Food and Farming Awards 2019 square image

    Mossgiel Farm – Winners of the Farming Today Future Food Award at the BBC Food and Farming Awards 2019

    WOWWWWW – we actually WON!!!!

    Thank you ALL!! What an incredible feeling to be part of a change in Scottish Dairy driven by YOUR support and belief in our vision of dairy.

    Winning this award means so much to us and could not have achieved it without you – it’s not why we do what we do, but to be recognised for doing something we love is just the cream on the top ?

    #mossgielmilk #organic #farm365 #sustainability #teamdairy #glassplusgrassisclass

  • Scottish Rural Awards 2019 Agriculture Winner - Mossgiel Organic Farm

    We were delighted to receive the award for the Agriculture Section of the Scottish Rural Awards 2019.

    We don’t do what we do, making the tastiest organic milk around, to win awards – but it’s always nice when we do! It is also good that the Scottish Rural Awards decided to make their Agriculture Winner an Organic Dairy Farm.

    You can see a full list of all the other awesome winners here.

  • Scottish Rural Awards 2018 Logo

    WE WON!!!! 

    WOOOOWWW – the news just came back to the farm that we won the Scottish Rural Awards ‘Agriculture’ category!!!! 

    Mum Lynn and Elizabeth, our Cow Happiness Manager attended the awards tonight whilst Farmer Bryce was bottling the finest white stuff in the land and called home to give us the good news  

    We’ve said it before – we don’t do what we do to win awards; our passion is to change Scottish Dairy……and to be recognised for doing something you love is just absolutely incredible!!! 

    Thank you so much to everyone involved and to all of YOU awesome peeps who continue to support us every single day. Also a MASSIVE congratulations to the other fab people who made the finals; we have really great friends in there too who have helped us get to where we are today.