Mossgiel Organic Farm - Winner - Scottish Food And Drink Awards 2022
Certificate for Scottish Retail Food And Drink Awards 2022 - Gold Winner - Mossgiel Organic Farm - Cow With Calf Organic Milk

Scottish Retail Food And Drink Awards 2022

- Winner, Small Producer

We've only gone and done it again! We won Gold at the Scottish Retail Awards for our Cow-With-Calf Milk! Second year in a row!

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Last Year - 2021

Last year we entered our blue-top Whole Milk and we won the top prize. The judges loved the taste of yesteryear; that it was Organic; that it had the cream at the top; that it was batch-pasteurised and non-standardised; AND that it came in a good old-fashioned glass pint bottle.

We won Gold last year and we were very happy with this. It was a win for the whole Mossgiel Organic Collective and our vision of promoting Organic Farming by demonstrating and proving the economic viability of Farmer's by taking back control of the process from the big supermarkets.

This Year - 2022

This Year we decided to enter our flagship product: our Cow-With-Calf Milk. This Pasture-For-Life accredited Milk comes exclusively from Mossgiel Farm itself. This is the Milk that demonstrates our commitment to go above and beyond the standards of Organic Farming.

Cow-With-Calf - what does that mean?

Very simply, it means that here at Mossgiel Organic Farm, the Calves stay with their Mothers until they are weaned. Keeping the Cows and Calves together means that the Cows feed the Calves with their Milk during this weaning period. It ends with the Calves beginning to hang around together in groups and being less reliant on the Cows every waking second of the day. This process that takes between 4-6 months.

This is not the conventional way of doing things. Conventionally what happens is that that cows are fed their Mother's Milk for 2 or 3 days in order to build up their immune system. Calves are born without any immune system and must gain this from their Mothers in this way. They are then usually separated and given feed rather than Milk. Calves are very thirsty. Milk is expensive. It is the product that a Dairy Farm sells. Keeping the Calves with the Cows means that there is less Milk to sell during this time.

It also means that the Cows and Calves are less stressed being able to stay together in a more natural manner. It means that the Claves get off to the very best start in life the way that nature intended. We think that this is the best way of doing things for the Cow and for the Calf. That's why we put a Gold foil on the bottle.

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Picture of a Calf suckling from a Cow

Thanks to our Supporters!

We would like to send a MOOO-sive


to all our supporters for being with us on this journey to make Dairy better and more sustainable:

To all the Bakeries that use our Milk in their Baking;

To all the Cafes that use our Milk in their coffees;

To all the Ice-Cream Makers that use our Milk in their Ice-Cream;

To all the Retailers that stock our Milk for their Customers;

To all the Dairies that supply our Milk to doorsteps far from the Farm;

To all the Sweet Shops that use our Milk in their Paneer;

To all the Restaurants that use our Milk in their Kitchens.


Thanks to our Team!

To all those who deal with the Farming, looking after the Cows, driving the Tractors, mucking the sheds;

To all those who work in Production, pasteurising, bottling, washing, stocking;

To all those who work in the Office, administrating, accounting, keeping everything organised;

To all those who work in Sales & Marketing, telling our story, and, let's face it, some pretty awful jokes in the process;

To all those who work in Delivery, driving the Vans up and down the country, getting the Milk where it needs to go;