Organic Calf-With-Cow Milk

We wanted to give you something you don't often find in milk – choice.  You can choose how your milk is produced with our Organic 'Calf-With-Cow' edition milk. Calf-With-Cow Milk only comes from right here on our own Family Farm of Mossgiel.  Only Ayrshire cattle stay with us on the farm – native to our lands for hundreds of years and even go back to a time when Robert Burns lived right here; working the Mossgiel pastures whilst he wrote his latest poetic masterpiece.

Our Cows only eat a diet of grass, with no 'concentrate' feeding – meaning only what grows naturally on our land creates the unique flavour of their milk.  Organic cattle at Mossgiel also uniquely get to live with their baby calves – boys and girls - until weaning, who in turn also get to keep their horns whilst feeding the gold stuff straight from mum; the way nature intended them to.

If you like and agree with these practices, then please support us in helping promote them by buying our Calf-With-Cow Milk. This helps us to demonstrate that there is a market of people who care about such things, which encourages more people to adopt them too.

Mossgiel Organic Milk Bottles - Gold Standard