We believe milk is good for you

Sustainable means being able to produce food not just for next week and next month, but next year, next decade and next generation as well. This is why we Farm regeneratively and organically: we understand that it is better to work with nature than against it.  What is good for the Land is good for us.  What is good for the Cows is good for us.

Mossgiel Organic Farm is our vision for sustainable dairy.  Alongside our herd of 45 Ayrshire Cows, we are a platform for a cooperative that includes 5 other Scottish Organic Farms, who truly want to make a change at soil level.  We act as the bridge between the Farming Families and our buying supporters, handling the pasteurisation, processing, bottling and delivery.

The best form of campaigning is to lead by example

When we started, we were by ourselves, and we are very pleased to have grown our enterprise to include the output of 5 other Scottish Farms. We want to work with more Organic Family Farms too, so more people can enjoy awesome Organic Milk.

We are well on our way to being 100% self-sustainable. We have made many improvements to our dairy over the last few years, thinking outside the churn and applying some innovative engineering to brewing our Milk. The most recent of these was the installation of a bio-mass boiler which has resulted in massive savings in heat efficiency and puts us bang on track to be carbon-neutral by 2025.

It is better to re-use than to recycle

We pride ourselves on thinking outside the churn to bring as much of our award-winning Milk to as many folks as possible.  We have resurrected a few good old-fashioned ways of doing things over the last few years – glass bottles, for example – and modernised them wherever we could to make them even better.


True sustainability also means being able to stand on our own two feet.  Historically, the Farm was tied into supplying “Big Dairy” and when the Milk price collapsed, caused by unfair practices, we realised that we did not have a voice, which almost bankrupted us...

The decision to turn back the clock and bring back the goodness of yesteryear in a more robust, independent way of doing things, is what has led to the Mossgiel Organic Farm of today. To further the cause of sustainability, we believe that there must be fairness in the supply chain, from grass to glass. Therefore, we support as many local businesses as we can, promoting seasonal organic produce in our Coffee Shops and supplying our Organic Milk to many other businesses who are doing likewise.


Picture of 2 Cows standing in a field.
We believe that Natural Milk (that is, batch-pasteurised, non-standardised, non-homogenised, Organic Milk) not only tastes BETTER, but it's also better for YOU too!
Business can be a force for good

It’s not just businesses that we supply – in 2021 we won the tender to supply the Nurseries and Primary Schools of East Ayrshire with the first zero-waste, zero-emissions deliveries, 100% Organic Milk contract in the UK. We care about giving everyone in the supply chain recognition from the Farmers in the field to the drivers working through the night and the family fighting over the cream top at their breakfast in the morning. Provenance is becoming increasingly important for many people and we’re all for that.


We believe that Organic food is good for you, the cows and the planet
We believe that Natural Milk (that is, batch-pasteurised, non-standardised, non-homogenised, Organic Milk) not only tastes BETTER, but it's also better for YOU too!