Organic Semi-Skimmed Milk

Our organic semi-skimmed milk has half the cream, but all of the taste. Here at Mossgiel, we love the natural way we produce our whole milk, but we really wanted to ensure we keep as much of the goodness of whole milk in the green-top version too, but still removing half of the cream.

Picture of a pint of Mossgiel Semi-Skimmed Organic Milk

Our Semi-Skimmed process is very old fashioned - instead of using an über-modern MEGA DAIRY machine to skim the cream off the milk, then add a little back to call it semi-skimmed; we separate cream from a little milk and mix it with some whole milk. This allows us to retain the flavour of whole milk, with half the cream AND you still get a lovely little creamy top to steal at breakfast before the rest of the family wake up...

Mossgiel Semi-Skimmed  Milk - Half the Cream, All the Taste!