Organic Whole Milk

Here at Mossgiel, we do things differently than normal. Our organic whole milk comes straight from our own collective of Ayrshire organic dairy farms and from the Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative. We brew it slowly on arrival to pasteurise it, then bottle straight away and taken to our supporters without removing any awesomeness along the way. We believe that when you buy Whole milk you should receive the Whole of the milk – along with the creamy top when you peel off that traditional foil lid. That way you can save it for your porridge, your coffee or for the first one out of bed in the morning to cheekily steal before the rest of the family get the chance!

Mega-Dairy ‘Whole’ milk is not all it says on the bottle. Once upon a time whole was the name of milk that came straight from an awesome cow. It was completely unchanged by the time it was delivered to the local supporters of each farm around Scotland.

Today, this is a very different product. In the modern world, whole milk is taken from the farm to a massive factory. It is then mixed with milk from other farms and ‘skimmed’ of all the cream, before being added back in to the milk to call it ‘whole milk’ at a certain rate to meet European laws. This way there is always a little surplus cream for the dairy to use (which is worth a lot more than milk) to make money twice from each litre, ‘skimming’ the profits. The milk is then forced through a super-high pressure ‘homogeniser‘ (a process to break up the fat particles, a bit like forcing it through your car windscreen washers) to make it look nice in a supermarket plastic bottle after all that processing. While this sounds über-efficient and great for the mega-dairies profits, it turns milk into a non-natural product and significantly changes the unique flavour and physical makeup of natures original super-food.

Whole milk… as nature intended