What is Non-Homogenised?


Text in picture: "Cream-at-the-top means that: The cream hasn't been broken. It's natural, It's tastier. It takes on flavour better. It makes better coffee."

Mossgiel Organic Milk is ALWAYS ‘non-homogenised’, that’s a fancy way of saying – ‘not highly processed’ or 'as nature intended'.

Or, to put it another way, good, old-fashioned, cream-at-the-top Milk that actually tastes like Milk and not white water!

Text in picture: "Why choose non-homogenised? Homogenisation destroys the structure of cream. Natural cream takes on flavour better. Natural cream tastes better. Natural cream is easier to digest."

At Mossgiel Organic Farm, we prefer our milk the way nature intended: cream intact and not broken. Baristas prefer our milk in large part for this reason. Because our cream is in its natural form, it is able to take on the flavour of their coffee better.

Picture of Latte Art being poured.

Baristas tend to take an awful lot of trouble sourcing their coffee beans. Why would you want to pair an excellent bean with a sub-standard milk? It makes much more sense to pair a premium bean with a premium milk that can cope with all that flavour.

So what is Homogenised Milk then?


During the process of producing most of the UK's Milk for supermarkets, the milk is forced through a ‘homogeniser’ unit at MASSIVE pressure to make it all the same – just like if you were trying to squeeze milk through your car windscreen washer jets.  This breaks up all the tasty cream into microscopic particles, so the cream doesn’t float to the top and cause family disagreements as to who is getting the ‘best bit’ at porridge time.


Picture of "White Water" Milk in single-use containers in a supermarket.

During the journey from cow to your fridge, BIG DAIRY wants to make sure the milk always looks nice and white – from the first drop out of your plastic bottle to the very last.  That's why most Milk sold in the UK is Homogenised. This looks lovely on a supermarket shelf and is designed to make you buy more, but it really does ruin the lovely, natural flavour of nature’s original superfood.