Mossgiel - Organic Dairy Farming

Text in picture: "Organic means: Any fresher and it would still be grass. Working with nature. Kind to the environment. No chemical fertilisers. Healthier. No pesticides. No GM."
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Text in picture: "Why choose Organic? Helps preserve and strengthen ecosystems. Preserves biodiversity. Reduces pollution. Protects Soil. Protects waterways. Avoids: chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, hormones & antibiotics."
Picture of a Cow in a field of Organic Herbal Laise.

To be certified as an organic farm, animals MUST graze outside when the weather allows - truly free range in fact! Our pastures must have no synthetic chemicals or fertilisers spread on them and we must use homeopathic remedies and preventatives where possible to ensure our herd remain happy and healthy throughout their lives with us.

Picture of a Cow with horns lying down in an Organic field.

GM crops are BANNED in the use of any Organic feeds, which may sound a little strange since the UK government does not allow GM crops to be grown in the UK. However, Great Britain imports more than ONE MILLION TONNES of GM feed for animals each year, with their products ending up on the supermarket shelf with no hint that GM foods were used anywhere on the packaging!

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Buying Organic is in fact the only way to guarantee no GM crops have entered your food chain.

Every year, we invite the certifiers from our certification body, called 'SOPA' (www.sopa.org) to our farm who check the very fabric of our management and record keeping to ensure we follow the strict rules - so strict in fact that organic regulations are the only food certifications actually governed by law, across the world! We then receive our certificate each year so we can let everyone know how proud we are to be farming organically.