Our Accreditations

  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate
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  • Pasture For Life

    Pasture For Life Certification

    Pasture For Life Certification
  • SOPA Certificate of Conformity Scottish Organic Producers Association – Organic Farming Certification

    The Scottish Organic Producers Association is the organisation in Scotland responsible for Organic Farming Certification. It was formed in 1988 and is an independent and provident society. OF&G (Scotland) Ltd certifies organic businesses for SOPA under the organic mark GB-ORG-17.

    SOPA lobbies Scottish, UK and EU governments on behalf of their members, promoting the benefits of Organic Farming. It also provides training, carries out research and undertakes market research.

    SOPA adopts a pragmatic approach. Its aims are:

    • to protect and uphold the organic integrity of all products produced by its members and certified by OF&G (Scotland) Ltd to the SOPA organic standards
    • support its members in building financially and environmentally sustainable businesses
    • work in a trusting and fair way with all its industry partners
    SOPA Certificate for Mossgiel Organic Farm
    Scottish Organic Producers Association Certificate of Conformity for Mossgiel