Do Coffee Shops have to take glass bottles?

No, they don't. Coffee Shops usually take either 5L Reusable Tubs (most popular) or 2L Reusable Bottles. It usually depends on fridge size. Some places do also take 1-pint Reusable Bottles, but these are usually for a wee staff perk!

We can also supply the UK's first waste-free, table-top Milk Dispenser. Milk Dispensers have been around for a while - "Pergal Machines". The trouble with Pergals though, is that the refills for them are essentially a 13.4L plastic bladder inside a cardboard box. This means that a vast number of these refills end up in landfill as they are not easily recycled, being of mixed material. However, as we say at the Farm, if you really love the environment, the last thing you should be doing is recycling! Yes, really! To Re-use is better than to Re-cycle. Every single day of the week.

Our deluxe Machine (pictured above with a very happy Ross, from Toro Coffee in Glasgow) has 2 x 10L Stainless Steel boxes inside it to hold the Milk. One for each side. These can be put in a dishwasher along with everything else and reused again and again and again. No waste. No paying for the uplift of waste. Nice.

The Dispensing Machines are not only designed to save you money, but actually to allow you to make more Coffees per hour. If you have one of these sitting next to your Coffee Machine, it's a lot easier and quicker to dispense-steam-pour than it is if your dealing with an under-counter fridge. Much easier on the back as well. The unit is also refrigerated, so the Milk is kept nice and cool right up until the moment that you actually need it. No more jugs lying on counters letting the Milk rise to room temperature.