Winner Innovation In Farming Category

Scottish Land & Estates Making It Happen Awards 2018

In 2018 we were recognised for becoming an Organic farm against all the odds and working towards our Single-Use Plastic free future by Crowdfunding £10,000 to buy our first batch of bottles.

We couldn’t believe it when the ‘Mossgiel’ team were announced as the winners!!!

We have a vision of Dairy that goes beyond what is normally accepted. We know that if we Farm in a regenerative way that we can help the environment by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. We know that if we Farm Organically, then the biodiversity on the Farm will be better, the cows will be healthier and the Milk the they produce will be healthier and tastier. We know that if we package our milk responsibly, then there will be significantly less plastic going to landfill or ending up in our Oceans.

And you thought it was just a pint of Milk!