Single-use Plastic? No Thanks!

Mossgiel is the first Dairy in the UK to completely stop using single-use plastic packaging.

All milk that leaves our farm gates does so in re-usable containers. During 2017/18, over 14.7 billion litres of milk were produced in the UK (1). This is a HUGE number! This results in an astronomical number of plastic bottles being manufactured, consumed and put in the bin. We believe that this model is hugely wasteful in terms of resources, we also believe that it is also completely un-necessary!

When it comes to delivering milk, as far as the environment is concerned, the old-fashioned way really is best. Remember the milkmen of yesteryear, delivering their locally-sourced product in re-usable glass packaging on their electric milk floats? Years ahead of their time…

Single-use plastic packaging is clogging up our oceans and entering our food chain. Despite the best efforts of many councils, not all plastic packaging even gets recycled. Plastic takes a very long time to break down, and even when it does it does not biodegrade, ending up as ‘micro-plastics’. These tiny particles are finding there way into the food chain with unknown consequences on animal and human health.

Back To Glass - Stop Using SIngle-Use Plastic

We can all learn to do things differently, to change our actions. The recent move away from single use plastic straws is a good example of this. A small change with a big impact. Let’s make Milk jugs next! It is not good enough to recycle them when we can re-use our milk packaging instead. This is not some airy-fairy good idea, decades from fruition, still in the development stage. This is a right-here, right-now technology. A simple, proven technology, able to be implemented today. We can do this! We must do this…

Whole, Semi-skimmed, Cream, Gold Standard in re-usable glass bottles
Whole, Semi-skimmed, Cream, Gold Standard

Glass Bottles.

Mossgiel Organic Milk can be delivered in good old-fashioned 1 pint bottles. These are great for residential use and for commercial re-sale. They are also the perfect size for making a fantastic protein shake, where the non-homogenised cream not only makes it taste great, but also helps Vitamin absorption.

5 litre re-usable tub, saving 2.5 x 2L single-use plastic jugs every time it is used
Re-USE is better than re-cycle!

Re-usable Tubs.

Mossgiel Organic Milk can also be delivered in 3 litre, 5 litre or 20 litre tubs.

When you are involved in the food industry using Milk, 1 pint bottles are likely going to be too small. That is why we can deliver our Organic Milk in more commercial-friendly sizes. The tubs, while made of plastic, work in exactly the same way as the bottles do. They are used then the empty tubs are picked up by our drivers when they make the next delivery to be sterilised and then used again.

Re-use beats Recycle
Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Re-use beats Recycle.

Reusing packaging is 20 times more efficient than recycling packaging.

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