Milk In Commercial Quantities: Re-usable Tubs

Re-usable Tubs

Mossgiel Organic Milk can also be delivered to commercial premises in sizes larger than a pint bottle. Our Milk is available in 5 Litre or 21 Litre reusable plastic tubs. Once emptied, these are then rinsed out and picked up by the delivery driver to be re-sterilised and used again; just like the pint bottles are.

Zero single-use plastic waste.


Our 5-litre re-usable tubs are mainly used by restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, and our 21-litre tubs usually go to ice-cream makers.

Here at the Farm, we are fond of saying that if you care about the environment, then the last thing that you should be doing is re-cycling! Re-use beats re-cycle every time. That being said, it is also important that packaging is as practical as possible. To that end, we offer our Milk in a variety of sizes of containers:

5-Litre Re-usable Plastic Tubs

Our 5-litre round tubs are our most popular commercial size as they can be fitted with a pouring lid to make them easier to decant.

21-Litre Re-usable Plastic Tubs

These are the containers of choice for people who use a lot of milk at once. They are easier to lift and carry than the Churns.

50-Litre Re-usable Metal Churns

Yes, Milk can still be delivered in churns! These are what sit inside our Milk dispensing machines in Locavore, Roots, Fruits and Flowers and Dandy's Delicatessen. They are also popular with Ice Cream makers, who go through a LOT of Milk!

Are these quantities too large for your needs? Mossgiel can also deliver Organic Milk in good old-fashioned 1 pint glass bottles.

For Commercial Delivery

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