Re-use beats Re-cycle

Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle.

In that order.

Reduce beats Re-use.

Re-use beats Re-cycle.

There is a lot of press regarding the merits of recycling, almost to the point where it has become a bit of an article of faith for a lot of people. This is in some ways a good thing, but in other ways not so much. Wherever possible, it is better to re-use than recycle. It is in every way far more efficient.

Mossgiel Organic Milk only comes in re-usable packaging: glass bottles and re-usable tubs.

Love the environment? Then re-cycling is the LAST thing that you should do! First Reduce, then Re-use, then Re-cycle.

This is a point that seems to have been lost from public debate recently. It needs to come back.

Recycling requires energy to do. Consider what happens to a standard 2L milk jug:

The milk is used and the jug is placed into the re-cycling bin.

So, for recycling, at least 2 processes and 3 journeys before the plastic can be useful again.

Compare that to the process that we use with our re-usable bottles and tubs:

That’s it. 1 Process vs. 3 Processes and 2 Journeys.

Re-using is by definition different to re-cycling. It requires different behaviours and different habits. In our case, it might mean putting bottles back on the doorstep rather than into the recycling bin. It means doing things differently. But doing the same thing and expecting a different result, well, there’s a name for that.