Mossgiel has eliminated single-use plastic packaging

A mountain of plastic milk jugs

Single-use Plastic? No Thanks!

Mossgiel is the first Dairy in the UK to completely stop using single-use plastic packaging.

All milk that leaves our farm gates does so in re-usable containers. During 2017/18, over 14.7 billion litres of milk were produced in the UK (1). This is a HUGE number! This results in an astronomical number of plastic bottles being manufactured, consumed and put in the bin. We believe that this model is hugely wasteful in terms of resources, we also believe that it is also completely un-necessary!

When it comes to delivering milk, as far as the environment is concerned, the old-fashioned way really is best. Remember the milkmen of yesteryear, delivering their locally-sourced product in re-usable glass packaging on their electric milk floats? Years ahead of their time…

Single-use plastic packaging is clogging up our oceans and entering our food chain. Despite the best efforts of many councils, not all plastic packaging even gets recycled. Plastic takes a very long time to break down, and even when it does it does not biodegrade, ending up as ‘micro-plastics’. These tiny particles are finding there way into the food chain with unknown consequences on animal and human health.

Back To Glass - Stop Using SIngle-Use Plastic

We can all learn to do things differently, to change our actions. The recent move away from single use plastic straws is a good example of this. A small change with a big impact. Let’s make Milk jugs next! It is not good enough to recycle them when we can re-use our milk packaging instead. This is not some airy-fairy good idea, decades from fruition, still in the development stage. This is a right-here, right-now technology. A simple, proven technology, able to be implemented today. We can do this! We must do this…

Whole, Semi-skimmed, Cream, Gold Standard in re-usable glass bottles
Whole, Semi-skimmed, Cream, Gold Standard

Glass Bottles.

Mossgiel Organic Milk can be delivered in good old-fashioned 1 pint bottles. These are great for residential use and for commercial re-sale. They are also the perfect size for making a fantastic protein shake, where the non-homogenised cream not only makes it taste great, but also helps Vitamin absorption.

5 litre re-usable tub, saving 2.5 x 2L single-use plastic jugs every time it is used
Re-USE is better than re-cycle!

Re-usable Tubs.

Mossgiel Organic Milk can also be delivered in 3 litre, 5 litre or 20 litre tubs.

When you are involved in the food industry using Milk, 1 pint bottles are likely going to be too small. That is why we can deliver our Organic Milk in more commercial-friendly sizes. The tubs, while made of plastic, work in exactly the same way as the bottles do. They are used then the empty tubs are picked up by our drivers when they make the next delivery to be sterilised and then used again.

Re-use beats Recycle
Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Re-use beats Recycle.

Reusing packaging is 20 times more efficient than recycling packaging.

(1) Statista

Re-use beats Re-cycle every single time

Re-use beats Recycle

Re-use beats Re-cycle

Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle.

In that order.

Reduce beats Re-use.

Re-use beats Re-cycle.

There is a lot of press regarding the merits of recycling, almost to the point where it has become a bit of an article of faith for a lot of people. This is in some ways a good thing, but in other ways not so much. Wherever possible, it is better to re-use than recycle. It is in every way far more efficient.

Mossgiel Organic Milk only comes in re-usable packaging: glass bottles and re-usable tubs.

Love the environment? Then re-cycling is the LAST thing that you should do! First Reduce, then Re-use, then Re-cycle.

This is a point that seems to have been lost from public debate recently. It needs to come back.

Recycling requires energy to do. Consider what happens to a standard 2L milk jug:

The milk is used and the jug is placed into the re-cycling bin.

  • Scenario 1. The jug is collected and because of some reason (the bin holding mixed recycling rather than just plastic; or, the council not having the facilities or the funding to do the job properly) the jug is not recycled at all and goes to landfill. Not a good outcome.
  • Scenario 2. The jug is collected and taken to a sorting facility. (Journey 1)
  • The jug is sorted. (Process 1)
  • The sorted jugs are sent to a plastic recycling plant. (Journey 2)
  • The jug is melted down to be made into something else. (Process 2)
  • The new object is transported to whatever factory needs to use it. (Journey 3)

So, for recycling, at least 2 processes and 3 journeys before the plastic can be useful again.

Compare that to the process that we use with our re-usable bottles and tubs:

  • The milk is used and the bottles or tubs are left out for collection by the driver.
  • The driver collects all the empty bottles and tubs while they are completing the same journey as the deliveries. i.e. no additional miles are traveled to pick up the empty containers.
  • The empty containers are returned to the washroom on the same site as the Milk Production and sterilised to be used again. (Process 1)

That’s it. 1 Process vs. 3 Processes and 2 Journeys.

Re-using is by definition different to re-cycling. It requires different behaviours and different habits. In our case, it might mean putting bottles back on the doorstep rather than into the recycling bin. It means doing things differently. But doing the same thing and expecting a different result, well, there’s a name for that.

Milk In Commercial Quantities: Re-usable Tubs

5 litre re-usable tub

Re-usable Tubs

Mossgiel Organic Milk can also be delivered in 3 litre, 5 litre or 20 litre tubs. Once emptied, these are then rinsed out and picked up by the delivery driver to be re-sterilised and used again. Zero single-use plastic waste. Genius. Our 3 and 5-litre re-usable tubs are mainly used by restaurants, cafes and coffee shops and our 20-litre tubs usually go to ice-cream makers.

Here at the Farm, we are fond of saying that if you care about the environment, then the last thing that you should be doing is re-cycling! Re-use beats re-cycle every time. That being said, it is also important that packaging is as practical as possible. To that end, we offer our Milk in a variety of sizes of containers:

2-Litre Re-usable Glass Bottles

Our 2-litre re-usable glass bottles have proved a hit not only with coffee shops that want to take advantage of fridge door space, but also with retailers. Customers have got into the the habit of buying milk in 2-litre containers and some people prefer this size to the traditional pints.

5-Litre Re-usable Plastic Tubs

Our 5-litre round tubs are our most popular commercial size as they can be fitted with a pouring lid to make them easier to decant.

20-Litre Re-usable Plastic Tubs

These are the containers of choice for people who use a lot of milk at once. They are easier to lift and carry than the Churns.

50-Litre Re-usable Metal Churns

Yes, Milk can still be delivered in churns! These are what sit inside our Milk dispensing machines in Locavore, Roots, Fruits and Flowers and Dandy’s Delicatessen. They are also the size of choice for Ice Cream makers, who go through a LOT of Milk!

Are these quantities too large for your needs? Mossgiel can also deliver Organic Milk in good old-fashioned 1 pint glass bottles.

Glass Bottles

Glass Milk Bottles

Glass Bottles

As we say on the Farm – “Glass is Class”! Glass bottles can be used again and again and again. The only energy consumed in this process is the energy required to wash and sterilise them. This is a lot less than the energy required to manufacture and deliver a plastic container. Because glass is made of silicone, they do not require that fossil fuels need be involved at any stage, unlike plastic.

It is better for the environment to re-use packaging than it is to re-cycle packaging. Re-use beats re-cycle.

Glass Milk Bottles For Residential Delivery

Remember when Milk used to be delivered by Milk Float? The electric Milk Float delivering Milk from local Farms in re-usable containers – and they told us that 2L plastic jugs were progress!!

Back To Glass

To see whether we can deliver good, old-fashioned pint bottles to your doorstep, just answer the following:

For Commerical Delivery

Using too much milk for pint bottles to be practical? We can also deliver our Milk in more commercially-friendly sizes: re-usable tubs in 3L, 5L and 20L sizes and also in good old-fashioned churns, which hold 50L.

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