To A Mouse

To A Mouse On Turning Her Up In Her Nest With The Plough 1785 Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie, O, what a panic's in thy breastie! Thou need na start awa sae hasty, Wi' bickering brattle! I wad be laith to rin an' chase thee, Wi' murd'ring pattle!   I'm truly sorry man's dominion, Has [...]

The Twa Dogs

The Twa Dogs 1786 'Twas in that place o' Scotland's isle, That bears the name o' auld King Coil, Upon a bonie day in June, When wearin' thro' the afternoon, Twa dogs, that were na thrang at hame, Forgather'd ance upon a time. The first I'll name, they ca'd him Caesar, Was keepit for His [...]

Scotch Drink

Scotch Drink 1785 Gie him strong drink until he wink, That's sinking in despair; An' liquor guid to fire his bluid, That's prest wi' grief and care: There let him bouse, an' deep carouse, Wi' bumpers flowing o'er, Till he forgets his loves or debts, An' minds his griefs no more. Solomon's Proverbs, xxxi. 6, [...]

Death and Doctor Hornbook

Death and Doctor Hornbook 1785 Some books are lies frae end to end, And some great lies were never penn'd: Ev'n ministers they hae been kenn'd, In holy rapture, A rousing whid at times to vend, And nail't wi' Scripture. But this that I am gaun to tell, Which lately on a night befell, Is [...]

Holy Willie’s Prayer

Holy Willie's Prayer "And send the godly in a pet to pray." - Pope. 1785 O Thou, who in the heavens does dwell, Who, as it pleases best Thysel', Sends ane to heaven an' ten to hell, A' for Thy glory, And no for ony gude or ill They've done afore Thee! I bless and [...]

The Holy Fair

The Holy Fair 1785 A robe of seeming truth and trust Hid crafty Observation; And secret hung, with poison'd crust, The dirk of Defamation: A mask that like the gorget show'd, Dye-varying on the pigeon; And for a mantle large and broad, He wrapt him in Religion. Hypocrisy A-La-Mode Upon a simmer Sunday morn When [...]

Address To The Deil

Address To The Deil 1785 O Prince! O chief of many throned Pow'rs That led th' embattl'd Seraphim to war- Milton O Thou! whatever title suit thee- Auld Hornie, Satan, Nick, or Clootie, Wha in yon cavern grim an' sootie, Clos'd under hatches, Spairges about the brunstane cootie, To scaud poor wretches! Hear me, auld [...]

The Author’s Earnest Cry And Prayer

The Author's Earnest Cry And Prayer To the Right Honourable and Honourable Scotch Representatives in the House of Commons. 1786 Dearest of distillation! last and best- -How art thou lost!- Parody on Milton   Ye Irish lords, ye knights an' squires, Wha represent our brughs an' shires, An' doucely manage our affairs In parliament, To [...]

The Ordination

The Ordination For sense they little owe to frugal Heav'n- To please the mob, they hide the little giv'n. 1786 Kilmarnock wabsters, fidge an' claw, An' pour your creeshie nations; An' ye wha leather rax an' draw, Of a' denominations; Swith to the Ligh Kirk, ane an' a' An' there tak up your stations; Then [...]

The Cotter’s Saturday Night

The Cotter's Saturday Night Inscribed to R. Aiken, Esq., of Ayr.   1785 Let not Ambition mock their useful toil, Their homely joys, and destiny obscure; Nor Grandeur hear, with a disdainful smile, The short and simple annals of the Poor. Gray   My lov'd, my honour'd, much respected friend! No mercenary bard his homage [...]