Calf-with-Cow means Calves stay with Cows until they are weaned

To produce our Gold Standard milk we operate a ‘Calf-with-Cow’ policy. This means that at Mossgiel Organic Farm, our calves stay with their Mothers until they are old enough to be weaned – usually between 4 and 8 months. This is when the calves begin to socialise together in groups and not stay at the Cow’s side every second of the day.

Baby calves are born without any antibodies in their immune system, so the first milk they suckle from mum for a couple of days after birth (called colostrum) is extra important to quickly building up their immunity for a healthy life.

It has been the norm worldwide to remove calves from their Mothers after a day or two. This is due to the pressures put onto modern dairy farms to produce cheaper food driven by greedy supermarkets whilst costs of everything a farm buys, from cattle feed to tractor fuel increases – farmers simply cannot afford calves to suckle up to 70% of the milk calves drink!!

Do baby calves drink a lot of milk? Yes, yes they do!

Does this mean that we have less to bottle and sell to you? Yes, it does.

Why do we do things this way?

Farming Organically and having our calf with cow policy means that we are working more closely with nature to produce milk. A cow who keeps her calf will produce between 15 – 20 litres of milk per day LESS than cows who do not, but because of our unique relationship with our supporters we are able to ask for a few extra pennies on top of the price to allow us to farm in this way.

We Farm Organically and use our calf with cow system to ensure we have happy cows producing milk for happy calves who share with happy people.

We expect our Cows to have a long and healthy life. That’s why we feed them nature’s original super-food: Milk.