Does all Mossgiel Milk come from Mossgiel Farm? 

In a word, no. Mossgiel processes Milk from a Scottish Organic Collective that includes 5 other Farms. This is one of the things that we’re most proud of here at Mossgiel. Three years ago (2019) we worked with 2 other Farms. That we are able to support 5 other Organic Farms now, by purchasing the … Read more

Do coffee shops have to take glass bottles? 

Picture of Ross with his new Milk dispensing machine.

Do Coffee Shops have to take glass bottles? No, they don’t. Coffee Shops usually take either 5L Reusable Tubs. Some places do also take 1-pint Reusable Bottles, but these are usually for a wee staff perk! We can also supply the UK’s first waste-free, table-top Milk Dispenser. Milk Dispensers have been around for a while … Read more

Do you deliver any other size than 1-pint bottles? 

Text in picture: "Pint glass bottles. 2L glass bottles. 5L & 21L reusable tubs. 40L & 50L churns."

Do you deliver any other size than 1-pint bottles? Yes, we do. The most popular size for Coffee Shops is the 5L Reusable Tub. Another size which is used by many Cafes is our 2L Reusable Bottle. It will probably depend on your fridge size which will be most suitable for you. Some places do … Read more