Calf-with-Cow means Calves stay with Cows until they are weaned We operate a Calf-with-Cow policy. This means that at Mossgiel Organic Farm, our calves stay with their Mothers until they are old enough to be weaned – usually between 6 and 8 months. This is when the calves begin to socialise together in groups and … Read more

We don’t de-horn cows

Stope de-horning Cows! Cows from Mossgiel Organic Farm are not de-horned.

We Don’t De-Horn Cows The practice of de-horning cattle is one which we do not engage in at Mossgiel Organic Farm. The practice is normal within conventional farming as young animals, with the intent of making life on the farm safer for farm workers and other livestock. When Farmer Bryce took over Mossgiel Farm and … Read more