Welcome to Mossgiel Farm – Family Farming for a Sustainable Future

Farming the land ploughed by a rather famous former tenant, Robert Burns, farmer Bryce Cunningham and his family are bringing natural, whole, Ayrshire foods back to the plates of our communities.

Being the third generation of our family to sign the lease of the land at Mossgiel Farm, Farmer Bryce was desperate to secure a sustainable future for our farm.

Soon after taking over the reigns of the business, his father died of lung cancer and the UK dairy industry entered the worst downfall in prices for generations.  Faced with losing the ‘family jewels’ and being forced to leave our farm, Farmer Bryce decided to work with nature to ensure a sustainable and ethical future for our environment, our community and of course – our Ayrshire cows.


Our sustainable future began in August 2015.  Farmer Bryce and Amy had a 5 month old son, Arran and were being paid only 15p per litre for the milk produced by the ‘Mossgiel Girls’, after speaking with friends and others we found that no shop in Ayrshire existed that supported only local producers and that local produce was a ‘rare find’ outside of a farmers market.

We decided to pioneer the change – our shop was one small fridge in our farms conservatory with some pictures of Farmer Bryce’s grampa and dad, with their favourite cows.  We had a few bottles of milk and some packs of ‘Dunlop cheese’, oh and very sore fingers from all that crossing!!  Ayrshire Farmers was born and although we are still operating from our conservatory, we are proud to still only offer prodce from Ayrshire producers, made or grown in Ayrshire.

Our current stock includes:

Mossgiel Milk, Barwhey’s Cheese, Woody’s Ice Cream, Corrie Mains Free Range Eggs, Grahams Honey, Bryson’s Tomatoes, Nethergate Larder Butcher Meat, Mossgiel Veal, Everything Chilli Preserves, Flava Shaka spices

Why not pop by for a truly Local Experience?