Mossgiel Organic Milk – 1 Pint (inc 20p deposit)




One pint of fresh Organic milk, with a cream top in a reusable glass bottle.

All of Mossgiel Milk is created by free-range, Organic cows.  Living on Organic family farms and grazing the lush pastures of Southwest Scotland – we believe these girls are pretty special.

If you’re looking for something even more unique – why not try our ‘Gold Standard’ milk.

Gold Standard milk is only from our own ‘Pasture for Life’ accredited organic farm here at Mossgiel – once the home of our world-famous national bard, Robert Burns.  All our Gold milk is from cows who keep their calves until weaning, are not de-horned and they only eat feed that is grown on our family farm – nothing atall is imported; for that true ‘this is what Rabbie would have tasted’ experience

Return your bottle for a 20p refund of your deposit.

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Mossgiel Milk

Whole, Semi-Skimmed, Gold Standard