Brewed Milk

We treat milk a little differently here on our family farm, instead of using a super-fast ‘High Temperature Short Time Pasteuriser’ (yawn) to heat treat our milk, we ‘brew’ the milk instead.  This process takes TWO HOURS longer than the standard way to get dairy milk from coo to yoo – but it ensures the full, natural and sweet flavour of nature’s original super-food remains intact for everyone to enjoy.

Non-Homogenised Milk

Mossgiel Milk is ALWAYS ‘non-homogenised’, that’s a fancy way of saying – ‘not highly processed’.

During the journey from cow to your fridge, BIG DAIRY wants to make sure the milk always looks nice and white – from the first drop out of your plastic bottle to the very last.  This looks lovely on a supermarket shelf and is designed to make you buy more… but it really does ruin the lovely, natural flavour of nature’s original superfood.

During the process from cow to bottle, milk is forced through a ‘homogeniser’ unit at MASSIVE pressure – just like if you were trying to squeeze milk through your car windscreen washer jets.  This breaks up all the tasty cream into microscopic particles, so the cream doesn’t float to the top and cause family disagreements as to who is getting the ‘best bit’ at porridge time.