Carbon Sequestration – The impact of an Organic Dairy Farm

Carbon Capture - or Carbon "Sequestration" - is the process by which CO2 is removed from the atmosphere. The impact of organic dairy farming on CO2 levels might not be as you have been led to believe in the press! Yes, Cows produce emissions. Yes, Tractors and machinery produce emissions. However, Pasture absorbs emissions. At [...]

Mossgiel has eliminated single-use plastic packaging

No Single-use Plastic Mossgiel is the first Farm in the UK to completely stop using single-use plastic packaging. All milk that leaves our farm gates does so in re-usable containers. During 2017/18, over 14.7 billion liters of milk were produced in the UK (1). This is a HUGE number! This results in an astronomical number [...]

Re-use beats Re-cycle every single time

Re-use beats Re-cycle Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle. In that order. Reduce beats Re-use. Re-use beats Re-cycle. There is a lot of press regarding the merits of recycling, almost to the point where it has become a bit of an article of faith for a lot of people. This is in some ways a good thing, but [...]

Milk in commercial quantities: Re-usable Tubs

Re-usable Tubs Mossgiel Organic Milk can also be delivered in 3 litre, 5 litre or 20 litre tubs. Once emptied, these are then rinsed out and picked up by the delivery driver to be re-sterilised and used again. Zero single-use plastic waste. Genius. Our 3 and 5-litre re-usable tubs are mainly used by restaurants, cafes [...]

Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles As we say on the Farm - "Glass is Class"! Glass bottles can be used again and again and again. The only energy consumed in this process is the energy required to wash and sterilise them. This is a lot less than the energy required to manufacture and deliver a plastic container. Because [...]

Is your milk pasteurised?

Yes, it is. It is illegal to sell raw milk in Scotland. Mossgiel Organic Farm only sells pasteurised milk. The milk at Mossgiel Organic Farm is pasteurised in a different way to most milk on the shelves. Milk produced by "Big Dairy" is pasteurised using a system called "Continuous Flow Pasteurisation". This quickly heats the [...]

What is non-homogenised?

Non-Homogenised Milk Mossgiel Organic Milk is ALWAYS ‘non-homogenised’, that’s a fancy way of saying – ‘not highly processed’ or 'as nature intended'. During the journey from cow to your fridge, BIG DAIRY wants to make sure the milk always looks nice and white – from the first drop out of your plastic bottle to the [...]

What is cream?

Cream is the layer that rises to the top in non-homogenised milk. It is made up of a mixture of milk and butterfat. As it is slightly less dense than milk, it floats to the top if it is given enough time to settle. The fat in cream forms quite large globules that can be [...]

What is skimmed milk?

What is semi-skimmed milk?