Organic – good food for you, our planet and our animals


Research has shown that no system of farming has milk with higher nutrient levels, especially omega-3 fatty acids that can provide powerful health benefits for body and brain.

No Chemical Sprays or Fertilisers
Synthetic sprays and fertilisers are banned in organic farming unless used as a ‘last resort’ and their use is scientifically backed for good reason.  With only 30 types available world wide and under direct control and strict observation of the Organic certifier farmers must work at ‘preventative’ and natural farming practised to keep their crops growing and plants healthy to ensure no trace of chemical reaches your dinner plate.  Non-organic farming can regularly use up to 300 pesticides, which the ‘World Health Organisation’ has recently discovered can have adverse reactions to our health and well being – find out more here

No artificial colours & preservatives
Organic standards have always ensured Hydrogenated fats, artificial food colourings and preservatives are not permitted in the production of certified food – ensuring only natural foods can proudly wear the ‘ORGANIC’ logo

Always free range
Animals raised organically enjoy the highest welfare standards available. On organic farms, animals have access to pasture with plenty of space to graze and forage when the weather and ground conditions a suited.  In the winter time, Organic animals enjoy more space in airy sheds and live on a diet of Organically grown hay and silage which is grown on the same farm during the summer months.  The muck produced by the cows is then composted and spread on the fields as a natural fertiliser to grow the grass for next season, ensuring a fully cyclical, self-sustaining system 

No routine use of antibiotics
Organic means healthier animals raised without the need for routine or preventative use of antibiotics. Farm animals now account for almost two-thirds of all antibiotics used in the EU. When you buy organic meat and dairy, you are helping to safeguard the effectiveness of antibiotics.

No GM ingredients
Currently, the UK does not grow any GM crops commercially however one MILLION tonnes of GM feed pours into the UK from other countries for use as animal feed… and it’s never mentioned on the label of the food you buy in a shop.  Only buying ORGANIC ensures no GM feed ingredients will be in your shopping basket